About Us

HeyTaxi! and HeyDidi! are brought to you by the founders of Ride Exchange, a group of entrepreneurs who have two decades of experience in handling passenger and cargo logistics. With the changing face of the industry and evolving expectations of the consumers, a service idea was born to fill a need that exits in every city dweller’s daily life routine.

HeyTaxi! And HeyDidi! connect commuters with riders who provide a brand new moving option delivered on two wheels. This platform provides a viable part time and full time employment opportunity for riders and helps them earn a livelihood by engaging in service and helping commuters and packages reach their destinations quicker and safer. Making the life of an urban city dweller that much more livable and provide him with that extra time to make more out of his daily life is the mission we are committed to @ HeyTaxi and HeyDidi.

The service also allows customers to arrange parcel, package and envelope deliveries upto 5 kgs in real time and in an hassle free way. All these services are on an automated app based technology that is run without any human interface at the booking level.